The Amherstburg Courier

  • Mar. 10, 1849 to Feb. 9, 1850
  • # of Issues scanned: 45
  • # of Pages scanned: 183
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    Very poor microfilm for this title, many pages can not be read.

    Publication Dates

    1849: March 10th - 1854?

    Title Variations

    Amherstburg Courier And Western District Advertiser




    The Amherstburg Courier was a politically conservative newspaper founded by James Augustus Reeves on March 10th, 1849. He was the publisher, owner, and original editor. That same Spring, he fell seriously ill with consumption. His childhood friend, Charles Sangster, who later became a well-known poet, took over the editorship from June 1st onwards (see Nov. 24th, p. 2). Some of his writings, e.g. The Sniffleton's, were included in the newspaper.

    The Amherstburg Courier was a 6 column, 4 page newspaper, published every Saturday, from an office on Dalhousie Street, opposite the British North American Hotel. It was "devoted to news, literature, agriculture, miscellaneous intelligence, and amusement". It cost 10 to 15 shillings per annum, depending on the method of payment and delivery. However, "all kinds of produce or cord wood [were] taken in exchange for the paper, at the market price".

    James Augustus Reeves was born on April 4th, 1820 in Quebec City and spent most of his childhood in Kingston. There, he apprenticed as a printer with the newspaper, The Kingston Chronicle And Gazette. During the Rebellion of 1837-1838, he served his country as a volunteer and was believed to be present at the Yonge Street affair in Toronto (The Canadian Album: Men of Canada, vol. 2, page 276). From about 1839-1849, he resided in Sandwich, where he was employed as the foreman in the office of the newspaper, the Western Standard. He then moved to Amherstburg to found the Amherstburg Courier. Unfortunately, he died in Sandwich on October 4th, 1849, only 7 months after the newspaper's debut. Shortly afterwards, Charles Sangster resigned as editor and moved back to Kingston. On page 2 of the November 24th, 1849 issue, his successor, I. B. Boyle, wrote: "The policy of this paper will remain unchanged. The leading doctrines of the great Conservative, or British American, party will receive a hearty support, while the ruinous and degrading measures of the present Rebel Rewarding Government will meet at our hands that treatment they so richly merit…" In later years, Charles Wiggins, John Richmond, and Colin Fox were also editors. The Amherstburg Courier likely ceased about 1854.