The Western Herald (Sandwich)

  • Jan. 3, 1838 to Oct. 6, 1842
  • # of Issues scanned: 181
  • # of Pages scanned: 1,123
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    Publication Dates

    1838: Jan. 3rd - 1842: Oct. 15th?

    Title Variations

    Western Herald And Farmers’ Magazine: 1838-1840
    Western Herald: 1840-1842?



    Another Newspaper With The Same Name

    There was another weekly newspaper called the Western Herald that was published in Amherstburg, from about 1883-1886. It was founded by C.H. Fuller and Thomas W. Leigh. There are no known existing issues of this paper.


    The Western Herald was a weekly newspaper that was published in Sandwich by Henry C. Grant. It first appeared on Wednesdays, but later on a variety of days. The cost was fifteen shillings in advance. Each issue was eight pages in 8”x11” format.

    The publisher’s original intention was to cover “politics, agriculture, and miscellaneous literature”, which was pretty typical newspaper content of the time. His own political views were characterized by “an undeviating adherence to the constitution under which we live, and a loyal attachment to the Crown and Government of Great Britain” (1838/01/03 p.3). These views are important to keep in mind, given the political events that unfolded around him. The Western Herald contains firsthand, detailed reporting of the “Patriots”, supporters of William Lyon MacKenzie, and their failed attempts to free this region from British rule. He follows their movements and reports on all the skirmishes, including the Battle of Windsor. Later he was a staunch defender of Colonel Prince, the British commander, who created great controversy by summarily executing four prisoners. This last political stance cost him some of the newspapers most influential subscribers.

    Over the relatively short time this newspaper was publishing, Henry Grant was almost continually berating his fellow citizens and potential subscribers. On October 16th, 1838 (p. 7), for example, he wrote: “We have toiled unceasingly ever since we had the misfortune to cast our lot among a community of idlers… under the most trying and discouraging circumstances in the hope that our assiduity, economy and perseverance, would, at no distant period, meet with their accustomed reward, viz., patronage and suitable remuneration, but, alas! we have reckoned without “our host”.” Tell it not in Gath – publish it not in the streets of Askalon“ that we have printed and published the Western Herald & Farmers’ Magazine THIRTY-THREE WEEKS for barely one hundred and fifty subscribers! Can it be supposed that we can, or will be fool enough to waste our time, health, comfort, peace of mind, and bodily labor, for another year, in the manner we have done, and for so contemptible a number of subscribers? – never, never!” However, he did continue to publish the Western Herald for several more years, although clearly without much professional satisfaction or recognition from the citizens of the Western District.